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DGS Transfer Case


DGS Transfer Case – VG 2600

The transfer case specially developed by DGS is ideally suitable for direct mount on the Allison series 4000, but it can also be used behind any other transmission in its remote mounted version. This two-stage transfer case is easily integrable in the driveline, brings the necessary off set and can supply high power and high torque at the same time. The VG 2600 is used in:

- Cranes
- All wheel driven vehicles
- Rail-Road vehicles
- Special vehicles
- Stationary drives (hydraulic pumps, oil drilling installations)

The DGS VG 2600 in connection with an Allison Transmission of the series 4000 can be used as replacement drive for:
HT 750 DB,HT 755 DB
CL(B)T 754 DB, CL(B)T 755 DB
CL(B)T 5800 DB, CL(B)T 5900 DB
(Models with integrated drop boxes)

Download: Technical Facts



Reversing Gear Box – WG 600

The reversing gear box offers the possibility to drive forward and backward at same speed. To have the drive train as short as possible, it has been developed for direct mount on the Allison series 1000 and 2000. Applications for this transmission are:

- Tunnel fire trucks
- Airport shuttle buses
- All kind of special vehicles

Download: Technical Facts

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