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Applications and Advantages

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  • Atego-MSTS-005

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Mobile Applications

- Coaches and city buses
- Trucks and utility vehicles
- Haulers and dump trucks
- Airport vehicles
- Fire and rescue vehicles
- Disposal vehicles
- Mobile cranes

Stationary Applications

- Pump and drilling rigs
- On oil fields
- For geothermal drilling

Advantages and Strength of Allison

The Torque Converter:

- Standing start under full load
- Increased input torque
- Very good acceleration
- Shifting without interruption of traction
- High tractive power
- Exact and careful manoeuvring
- Time savings in city traffic
- Highest shift comfort
- Very good off highway mobility
- No coupling wear

Other Advantages and Strength of Allison:

- Easy operation
- Driving without training
- More safety
- Reliability and durability
- Low operating expenses
- High torques possible
- Shifting synchronized to application

Where the Allison fully automatic system is advantageous:

- Frequent driver changes
- Stop and go driving
- Transportation of passengers
- Emergency driving
- Rush hour city driving
- Manoeuvring of heavy loaded vehicles
- Driving and shifting in rough terrain