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Repair Transmissions

You look for planning reliability? Time and cost are important factors for you? We know! To keep machine-down times as low as possible we constantly stock up to 150 different reman transmissions for various applications and customers. Delivery of different types of reman transmissions is possible within 48 hours, for example AT545 for airfield equipment, MD 3060 for municipal vehicles or M 6610 for a 70t dump truck.. Highest precision and a minimum of time for repair and overhaul help our customers (service sector, waste management companies, crane companies, bus sector or transportation industry) to minimize cost.

Servicing and repair of complete drive lines belong to the standard program of the workshop staff. A detailed mechanical and electronic knowledge is essential for good trouble shooting and failure analysis on transmissions.


A reman price list with scope of supply and availability is at your disposal and will soon be offered online for "download".

Modifications of new transmissions to the given customer specs belong to the standard skills of our workforce. (Installation of PTOs, flanges, harnesses, adaptations.)

New transmissions ready for delivery

All repaired transmissions get a final test run (functionality and leaks) before they are painted and leave the company.

Transmission testrun of the Allison HD 4060