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John Deere Diesel engines

The proven John Deere PowerTech engines have been redesigned.
Today the PowerTech E®, PowerTech M® and PowerTech Plus® fulfill the emission regulations of STAGE 3A / TIER 3 and comply with Stage 3B / Interim TIER 4 standards, by the way without using SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) – by urea injection.
At INTERMAT 2012 John Deere Power Systems introduced the new engines Final Tier 4 / Stage IV.

To meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations, John Deere has followed a carefully planned approach. Deere have systematically adopted new technologies like cooled exhaust recirculation (EGR ), exhaust filters or selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and integrated them with field-proven solutions to meet each regulatory tier.

The John Deere Integrated Emissions Control system for Final Tier 4/Stage IV is optimized to meet emissions regulations while delivering improved performance, uptime, and efficiency. Uncountable hours in test cells, in prototypes as well as under the hardest condition of all – in real off highway application at work – proved the usability and showed the ability to satisfy or outperform customer’s highest expectations.

With John Deere you’ll get optimized solutions for consumption and efficiency. The specific SCR-sytem, higher injection pressures and less use of DEF fluids result in a total fluid consumption you might have experienced with our IT4/Stage IIIB engines or even better.

If your engine manufacturer isn’t talking about diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) consumption, they may not be telling you the total efficiency story. John Deere Final Tier 4/Stage IV engines not only reduce diesel fuel consumption, but they demonstrate exceptionally low DEF consumption as well.

John Deere Final Tier 4/Stage IV engines operate efficiently with ultra-low sulfur diesel as well as B5 to B20 blends, providing optimal performance and fuel-choice flexibility.

Once again John Deere is setting a benchmark for power, usability and comfort.

John Deere Engines enable you to offer a unique combination of power, environmental compatibility and fuel efficiency in your machines.

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