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John Deere Diesel engines

Run with confidence
You can count on John Deere PowerTech™ industrial engines to start in the morning, operate efficiently all day, and work reliably for many years. But pure product performance isn’t the strongest thing about working with John Deere. It’s the confidence of having the John Deere integration and support network at your side every step of the way.

Off-highway experience
John Deere specializes in rugged off-highway applications. That’s why our engines are built with heavy-duty components, top-liner cooling, steel pistons to maximize reliability, and wet-type cylinder liners for long-haul durability.

The power of choice
With John Deere, you get a wide range of configurations and accessories so you can specify the right engine that best fits your
application. Our preconfigured options can help save hours of engineering time and help you get machines to market faster.

Integration assistance
You get expert integration assistance provided by John Deere engineers and distributors. OEMs can put our application
engineering experience and know-how to work to help save development time and money.

Customer support
With more than 4,000 John Deere service locations worldwide, you never have far to go to find expert assistance and advice.

Fast parts delivery
Our distributors and dealers stock maintenance parts, as well as many other common replacement parts, to meet your service needs quickly. Our worldwide parts distribution system offers overnight delivery in most regions.

Smart & Connected
JD-Link will open an whole new world to you. Maintenance and Service prior to when a failure occurs. Diagnose and running data right from the operative engine directly to your desk or mobile device. No matter where your engine is running with JD Service Advisor this is doable.

Once again John Deere is setting a benchmark for power, usability and comfort.
John Deere Engines enable you to offer a unique combination of power, environmental compatibility and fuel efficiency in your machines.

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