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Allison develops automatic transmission for Scania bi-articulated bus

SÃO PAULO, BRASILIEN, November 2015. Scania and Allison Transmission recently announced the launch of the latest solution for the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) market in Brazil. The 28-meter, bi-articulated bus integrating a fully automatic transmission optimized by Allison engineers, delivers superior reliability, fuel efficiency and performance.

The new front-engine bus has a 360 hp Scania Euro 5 engine and an Allison six-speed, fully
automatic transmission. Specially tailored by Allison engineers in Brazil to be integrated into the
bi-articulated powertrain, the result of this joint effort is the B 516R transmission with retarder.

Allison Automatics are essential to improving reliability, drivability and safety, while reducing
vehicle operating costs. Additionally, the retarder allows the bus to slow with less wear on the
braking system for better control and manueverability.

“The customization process for this bi-articulated bus began with selecting a wide ratio gear set
as our base model choice for this joint effort with Scania. Engineered with the incorporation of a
high-capacity heat exchanger and unique operational software, we are very proud of the B
516R project,” said Celso A. João, application engineering manager for Allison in South

After launching in other Latin America countries, Scania and Allison are now introducing this
locally produced bi-articulated bus to the Brazilian city bus market.

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