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Urbaser uses Allison transmissions to keep Boadilla del Monte clean

MADRID, August 2015. Urbaser, a leading waste collection and street cleaning company, boasts cutting- edge facilities and a modern fleet in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid) that features Allison fully automatic transmissions in all of their vehicles with a gross weight over 3,500 kg.

According to Eduardo Núñez, Urbaser’s manager of municipal services for western Madrid, Allison 2000 SeriesTM and 3000 SeriesTM transmissions add significant value in terms of lowering operating costs and vehicle downtime, delivering fuel savings and improving conditions for drivers.

“The difference between manual or automated manual transmissions (AMTs) and Allison fully automatic transmissions is clear in terms of cost-effectiveness and productivity. In the case of refuse trucks, the time saved during collection allows us to get to 30 percent more containers,” said Núñez.

Urbaser serves a population of around 50,000 in Boadilla del Monte, collecting 18,000 tons of organic waste annually, including 1,100 tons of recycling and 2,900 tons of bulk waste. The street sweepers cover around 60 km (37 miles) per day in two shifts and the municipal solid waste (MSW) collection trucks travel 50-55 km (31-34 miles) per day.

Boadilla del Monte’s waste collection and street cleaning services have improved significantly since Urbaser secured a 10-year management contract in 2012. Apart from special financial tender conditions, which resulted in significant annual cost savings for the municipality, Urbaser also provided a whole range of new vehicle technology, including highly efficient trucks.

“Allison’s advantages are obvious in the case of garbage trucks, which endure continuous stop- start operation, but these transmissions are also highly recommended for street washers and multi-service vehicles,” said Núñez. “Although the latter vehicles operate with fewer stops and starts, efficient operation requires that drivers focus on the task at hand. Allison transmissions enable operators to concentrate on the job, rather than gear shifting, resulting in higher quality work.”

In 2013, Urbaser renewed part of its fleet, modernizing vehicles in addition to infrastructure. A total of 30 new light- and heavy-duty trucks were acquired, increasing the fleet to 40 vehicles. The 15 vehicles weighing over 3,500 kg are equipped with Allison 2000 and 3000 Series transmissions.

“The drivers are happy. Driving is more comfortable, there are fewer breakdowns and maintenance is cheaper and easier,” said José Ignacio Feliú Álvarez, head of services at Urbaser in Boadilla del Monte. “The transmissions are very reliable.

“But above all, gear shifts are very quick and responsive, engine rpms do not drop and the truck does not lose power during shifts,” said Álvarez. “Automatic transmission makes the engine quick and efficient and this is extremely beneficial in day-to-day operations.”

Last November, Boadilla del Monte inaugurated the Center for Street Cleaning and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Collection Machinery. This new facility, located in the Prado del Espino Business Park, is a state-of-the-art model of sustainable architecture, thanks to a HVAC system based on geothermal energy, a lighting system featuring LED technology and efficient water consumption. The three-story building features a workshop, offices and changing rooms.

The new facility also boasts an underground parking lot and ground-level parking for 30 service vehicles, including street washers and sweepers, various refuse collectors, a hook life truck with mounted crane and multi-service vehicles, as well as a high-tech natural gas filling station.

According to Álvarez, natural gas powered vehicles are a perfect match for Allison fully automatic transmissions, reducing both noise and pollutants. “Natural gas affords savings of between 15 percent and 20 percent compared to diesel. It is a clean fuel and easy to handle in terms of refuelling. Of course, it is also more eco-friendly in that it significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions.”

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