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Allison Transmission helps improve environment in Buenos Aires

BUENOS AIRES, 07.05.2015. Buenos Aires, often referred to as the Paris of South America, generates approximately 6,000 tons of waste daily – nearly 2.2 million tons per year. In order to reduce landfill-clogging waste and carbon emissions, city government began investing in waste source separation with the hope of increasing the efficient collection of recyclable materials using 217 new Allison-equipped side-loading refuse trucks.

A new municipal waste picking contract promises significant environmental improvements with measurable results. In fact, Buenos Aires won a City Climate Leadership Award in 2014 for its Solid Waste Management plan. Initiatives include daily waste collections and new Green Centers with specialized sorting containers for recyclables. To accommodate these increased municipal services, 217 automatic side-loading trucks – all equipped with Allison 3000 SeriesTM transmissions – will replace the outdated manual rear-loading trucks.

According to Edgardo Cenzón of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Environment and Public Space, six private collection companies and a state-run company will have to fulfill a 10-year contract. Cenzón said that until the new initiative is fully in place, the old rear-loading trucks will continue to be used alongside the new Allison-equipped vehicles, which were specially designed to operate with the new waste containers.

Allison’s Continuous Power TechnologyTM, together with the advanced electronics that govern shift points, ensure operators an increase in productivity. The 5th Generation electronic controls feature prognostics which allow evaluation of the internal components of the transmission in real time, reducing unnecessary stops and allowing for better maintenance planning.
These transmissions also have Allison’s optional Power Take-Off (PTO) provision, which draw energy from the truck’s running engine, enabling operators to efficiently power attachments and accessories.

“Since 2009, Allison has been operating beside environmental companies in Buenos Aires to develop a truck equipped with an automatic transmission that maximizes benefits for both operators and the city in terms of reducing operational costs and pollution, while increasing fuel efficiency and safety,” said Adrián Di Nunzio, South Cone senior account manager for Allison Transmission. “The presence of Allison transmissions in 100 percent of Buenos Aires’ new side-loading truck fleet confirms our quality, durability and efficiency advantages.”

All told, the new refuse collection initiative represents a large investment for Buenos Aires, with official numbers estimating a total cost of ARS$4.7 billion, nearly 6 percent of the city’s
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