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Well-rested at the end of the day with Allison transmission

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, 23.01.2015 – After fitting his latest truck with an Allison fully automatic transmission, Kenth-Göran Gustavsson at Kentens Transport AB is no longer tired after a long day working behind the wheel. Kenth-Göran Gustavsson started driving trucks at the age of 18 and, 43 years later, is still doing it.

Since 1996 when he started Kentens Transport, Gustavsson has changed trucks six times, but it wasn't until his current truck, a Volvo FE with a HIAB crane, that he discovered the benefits of an Allison 3000 SeriesTM fully automatic transmission.

"I offer contract construction work in the Gothenburg area, transporting filling materials for construction sites and civil engineering companies, as well as for individual home owners. That means short transports in heavy city traffic and a lot of crane work,” said Gustavsson. ”For those kind of transports, you can't even compare a manual or a semi-automatic transmission with my new fully automatic Allison.”

”The Allison-equipped vehicle is totally superior and very comfortable to drive. I'm not even tired after a day working behind the wheel, and the pain in my leg that I had from all the clutch work has disappeared completely. All I need to do now is to push a button and drive. It simply can't be any more easier or more comfortable," Gustavsson said.

Gustavsson is very careful with his trucks and takes good care of them, something that his Volvo sales manager, Nils-Olof Johansson at Borås Bil Lastvagnar AB, appreciates. "It is easy to find buyers for Gustavsson’s used trucks. They are always well-equipped and well taken care of. When he wants a new truck, this one will be even more attractive for the used truck market because of the Allison transmission," Johansson said.

Kenth-Göran Gustavsson's Volvo FE with a HIAB crane is the first construction truck that Johansson has sold with an Allison fully automatic transmission, although he has sold a number of refuse vehicles equipped with Allison transmissions. Johansson believes that construction trucks which are able to handle city traffic effectively is a growth segment for Allison Transmission, especially because of the excellent fuel efficiency benefits.

"Allison-equipped trucks consume less fuel than manual-equipped vehicles, and the maintanance costs are very reasonable too. The only costs I'm counting on are filter and oil changes with long intervals. I no longer have to worry about clutch replacment and unplanned downtime with my new Allison transmission," said Gustavsson.

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