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Old posts

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2013/08/28 Allison Advanced Technologies Promote Intelligent "Green" Transportation Developments DOWNLOAD
2013/08/07 Mercedes-Benz Econic With Allison automatic eases cleaning in Düsseldorf DOWNLOAD
2013/08/01 Allison Wins 2012 Commercial Vehicle Best Service Management Award DOWNLOAD
2013/07/31 Allison Transmission enters Argentina´s agricultural sector DOWNLOAD
2013/07/29 Bonatti chooses Astra and Allison Transmission for leading European gas pipelines DOWNLOAD
2013/06/24 Allison transmission keep DHL air freight hub running DOWNLOAD
2013/06/21 Allison Transmission Demonstrates Green at Nanjing Bus Show DOWNLOAD
2013/06/07 Isuzu buses with Allison fully-automatic transmissions increase passenger comfort in Diyarbakier DOWNLOAD
2013/05/28 Allison Transmission to present its latest technologies at UITP DOWNLOAD
2013/05/22 Allison automatics prove reliable at Werribee Zoo's African safari DOWNLOAD
2013/04/23 Recycler relies on Allison-equipped Scanias to expand services DOWNLOAD
2013/04/22 Allison makes headway underground DOWNLOAD
2013/04/18 Driver Group Shifts Focus with Allison Automatics DOWNLOAD
2013/04/15 Allison fully-automatic transmissions for emergency vehicles at Rettmobil 2013 DOWNLOAD
2013/04/15 Allison equipped Zetros makes work easier for salt mining 600 meters down DOWNLOAD
2013/04/10 Allison Transmission and Randon play major infrastructure role in Brazil DOWNLOAD
2013/04/10 Allison automatics prove the right call for Action Mining Services DOWNLOAD
2013/04/08 Allison Transmission builds reputation, presence in Uruguay DOWNLOAD
2013/03/25 Allison Transmission Offers 5 Percent Better Fuel Economy with TC10 for Tractor Trucks DOWNLOAD
2013/03/07 Allison and DAF reduce the waste in refuse collection on the North Sea coast DOWNLOAD
2013/03/06 Allison-equipped Construction and Mining vehicles featured at bauma 2013 DOWNLOAD
2013/02/21 Salini Group chooses Astra dump trucks equipped with Allison for the largest dam in Africa DOWNLOAD
2013/02/20 TCV features Allison transmissions in Turkish 12 meter bus segment DOWNLOAD
2013/02/20 Reykajvik-Keflavik airport and Allison Transmission; over 50 years of partnership DOWNLOAD
2013/01/25 Allison Transmission helps Australian students enjoy safer ride DOWNLOAD
2012/12/21 Redi Milk sees future with Allison automatic transmissions DOWNLOAD
2012/12/17 King Long selects fully automatic transmission for new mini coach in the UK DOWNLOAD
2012/11/27 Allison Transmission make CNG road tractors exceed expectations DOWNLOAD
2012/11/14 Perlini dumpers with Allison transmissions: A heavy-duty couple DOWNLOAD
2012/10/25 Allison Transmission equips 620 new buses for Transantiago DOWNLOAD
2012/10/24 Allison automatics prove a sweet solution for sugar mill's train fleet DOWNLOAD
2012/10/19 Aeropass insists on Allison transmission for Roissy Charles De Gaulle airport duties - Solaris says yes! DOWNLOAD
2012/10/15 Allison Helps Transport 300 Tons of Oversized Cargo DOWNLOAD
2012/10/09 Allison Transmission helps New Zealand loggers get the job done DOWNLOAD
2012/10/08 CNHTC and Allison Showcase HOVA60 Mining Vehicle DOWNLOAD
2012/09/28 Allison Transmission, Dana Holding Corp. have Licensed the Right to NuVinci Technology from Fallbrookk Technologies Inc.; Companies Plan to Cooperate on Engineering DOWNLOAD
2012/09/12 Safety and performance drive transmission choice for high-level prison transport DOWNLOAD
2012/09/10 Everything is green in Hannover with Allison hybrid buses DOWNLOAD
2012/09/07 Allison Continuous Power Technology improves natrual gas vehicles DOWNLOAD
2012/09/06 Allison presents unique hybrid truck and fully automatic road tractor transmissions DOWNLOAD
2012/09/04 Allison Transmission introduces 5th Generation electronic controls DOWNLOAD
2012/08/23 Allison Transmission helps Andrade Gutierrez do more work with less fuel DOWNLOAD
2012/07/30 U.S. fire brigade in Germany plays it safe – with Allison automatics DOWNLOAD
2012/07/26 Allison Transmissions are the Exclusive Offering in Freightliner Natural Gas Verhicles DOWNLOAD
2012/07/18 IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012, Allison: Driving transmission technology DOWNLOAD
2012/07/11 Reversing transmission (reverse gear unit) instead of turning area DOWNLOAD
2012/07/10 Allison Transmission Purchases Equitiy Stake in Odyne Systems DOWNLOAD
2012/07/03 Allison Transmission Launches Production of 1000 and 2000 Series in Chennai DOWNLOAD
2012/06/18 Turkey´s first CNG refuse trucks are equipped with Allison DOWNLOAD
2012/06/12 Allison Transmission opens Customer Experience Center and Track in Hungary DOWNLOAD
2012/05/07 From Ku´damm to Alexanderplatz: Over 620 vehicles equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions keep Berlin streets clean DOWNLOAD
2012/04/29 Fire brigades and rescue service: ready for any challenge with Allison fully automatic transmission DOWNLOAD
2012/04/27 Allison Transmission presents fully automatic solutions for municipal and refuse collection vehicles at IFAT Entsorga DOWNLOAD
2012/04/19 Allison Transmission and Renault Trucks join for waste collection in Nerja (Malaga) DOWNLOAD
2012/04/13 Fire brigades an rescue services: ready for any challenge with Allison fully automatic transmissions DOWNLOAD
2012/04/03 Allison Transmission set to showcase automatic advantages and efficiency at Melbourne International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show DOWNLOAD
2012/03/22 Allison Transmission Wins Golden Peacock Quality Award DOWNLOAD
2012/03/08 Solaris Buses with Allison Hybrid System Now Operating in Oslo DOWNLOAD
2012/02/27 Veolia Transdev – Shorelink Buses save guel with switch to Allison Automatics DOWNLOAD
2012/02/13 Hertz embraces Allison as the automatic choice for its truck rental fleet DOWNLOAD
2012/02/02 City of Indianapolis is ready for he Super Bowl with the purchase of 16 New Allison-equipped International Sno Plows DOWNLOAD
2012/01/27 Future municipal vehicles discussed at Allison Transmission Symposium DOWNLOAD
2011/12/06 Six crash trucks and 12 Allison fully automatic transmissions: Double the power for the Frankfurt airport fire brigade DOWNLOAD
2011/11/21 Allison Transmission Produces its 5000th Hybrid Systems for Buses and Coaches DOWNLOAD
2011/11/09 7th Allison symposium "The future of municipal vehicle technology" takes place on November 22nd 2011, in Iserlohn, Germany DOWNLOAD
2011/11/03 More OTOKAR buses with Allison automatics for Turkish bus fleet DOWNLOAD
2011/11/02 Enhanced Allison Hybrid System for buses and coaches DOWNLOAD
2011/11/02 European bus fleets reorder Allison hybrid technology to reduce emissions and fuel consumption DOWNLOAD
2011/10/28 A new star in the cornfields and on the streets: a Zetros agricultural tractor with Allison fully automatic transmission DOWNLOAD
2011/10/11 Allison Transmission's Hungary Manufacturing Operation Ready for Business DOWNLOAD
2011/09/30 Allison Makes Airport Support Vehicles More Responsive DOWNLOAD
2011/09/26 Allison joins MAN/Volkswagen in presenting a new VW 24 250E Worker 6x2 concrete mixer truck DOWNLOAD
2011/09/20 Emulsa once again chooses Allison fully automatic transmissions DOWNLOAD
2011/08/22 Experience Zetros first-hand: Allison and Mercedes-Benz offer and Off-Road Ride & Drive at the Woerth manufacturing plant DOWNLOAD
2011/05/10 A rolling toolbox for civil protection: The German Federal Agency for Technical Relief chooses Mercedes-Benz Axor with Allison fully automatic DOWNLOAD
2011/04/27 Allison Transmission's powershifting Twin Countershaft gearbox to offer improved fuel efficiency for tractor units across the entire drive cycle DOWNLOAD
2011/04/06 Another record-breaking year in buses for Allison Transmission DOWNLOAD
2011/03/29 A product for every application at 59th UITP; Allison to showcase new 2011 transmission upgrades and the widest transmission range for global city buses and coaches DOWNLOAD
2011/03/28 One refuse truck: 25,000 hours and 5 years; saving €30,000 in maintenance costs DOWNLOAD
2011/03/01 Astra with Allison automatics for power plant construction in the swiss Alps: flying high, tunneling deep DOWNLOAD
2011/02/11 Mercedes-Benz Delivers 10,000th Econic with Allison transmission DOWNLOAD
2011/01/31 Automatic trucks increase efficiency for Fresh Start Bakeries DOWNLOAD