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We offer:

- General product training on site at DGS
- Customized training on site at OEM
- Mechanical training for all products
- Electronical training incl. trouble shooting
- Diagnosis and engine management systems
- Simulator Training
- Classes in German or English

Our classroom with state-of-the-art equipment as well as network and internet connection has a capacity of 30 people. Variable seating allows us to commit to the special requirements of our trainees and to train them according to the guidelines of the manufacturers.

IMG 6354

We also offer product-specific trainings on site at your premises.

Trouble shooting with laptop and diagnostic software at the simulator

We offer:

- General transmission training on site at DGS
- Customized training on site at OEM
- Mechanical training for all transmissions
- Electronical training incl. trouble shooting
- Diagnosis and transmission management systems
- Allison diagnostic program DOC
- Simulator training
- Classes in German or English

DGS classroom – practice zone incl. a 2t crane

For training schedule please call

Download: Course description

Download: Training Enrolment Form

Product specific training on site at DGS

Transmission diagnostics with laptop and simulator
Today fault analysis always is a combination of functional diagnosis and software. Part of this process is the evaluation of tachograph data to determine fuel consumption, load cycles or speeds.

40t dump truck – Detroit Diesel S 60 with Allison HD 4560

Online diagnosis – data recording

Analysis of smooth performance, engine parameters and error memory is an indispensable benchmark for the final check of all products (here JOHN DEERE tractors of the series 6000 with 6.8 liter engines).

DGS customer service vehicles on duty

During repair and overhauling of automatic transmissions the valve manifolds (responsible for automatic shifting) are thoroughly checked.

Pressure gauge display to check and adjust valve manifolds

You decide: maintenance and repair according to service intervals or on demand, complete overhaul of the engine or so-called „inframe-overhauls“ (repair of the installed engine).

We use the newest generation of diagnostic tools (trouble shooting by laptop – DDEC DDDL or JOHN DEERE SERVICE ADVISOR). Our goal is simplification of trouble shooting and reduction of analysis cost and downtime.

MS Rheinstar

To round our range of services we offer short blocks or complete engines for replacement. We for example have available all JOHN DEERE engines series 300 for agricultural applications (tractor and combine). A corresponding price-list with scope of supply and lead-time is available online for "download".

Engine Compartment MS Rheinstar

Main propulsion 2 DDC S60 – 390kW each and 2 JOHN DEERE 6.8l gensets – 150kW each

We also offer replacement units on short notice for all standard Detroit Diesel engines (2- or 4-stroke) as well as for gas engines. Please ask for the available models. Full service and maintenance packages (e.g. for fire pump units in big production sites) complete our services.


DDC 16 V 149 – 40 l displacement -1500 KW @2000 RPM

Oil drilling installation DDC 16 V 149 and Allison DP 8963

You look for planning reliability? Time and cost are important factors for you? We know! To keep machine-down times as low as possible we constantly stock up to 150 different reman transmissions for various applications and customers. Delivery of different types of reman transmissions is possible within 48 hours, for example AT545 for airfield equipment, MD 3060 for municipal vehicles or M 6610 for a 70t dump truck.. Highest precision and a minimum of time for repair and overhaul help our customers (service sector, waste management companies, crane companies, bus sector or transportation industry) to minimize cost.

Servicing and repair of complete drive lines belong to the standard program of the workshop staff. A detailed mechanical and electronic knowledge is essential for good trouble shooting and failure analysis on transmissions.


A reman price list with scope of supply and availability is at your disposal and will soon be offered online for "download".

Modifications of new transmissions to the given customer specs belong to the standard skills of our workforce. (Installation of PTOs, flanges, harnesses, adaptations.)

New transmissions ready for delivery

All repaired transmissions get a final test run (functionality and leaks) before they are painted and leave the company.

Transmission testrun of the Allison HD 4060


We offer customized basic and advanced trainings on engines and transmissions either at our internal training facility or externally at your site. In our modern training rooms we provide practical and theoretical lessons. Whether one day user trainings on the products we represent or several days' training courses teaching complete overhauls, we try to meet the specific needs and wishes of our customers. All training-sessions are offered in German or English. Other languages upon request.

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