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  • Slag Hauler

    Demo Image

    - 403kW (548PS)
    - Allison Series 4000 SP
    - DGS Transfer Case VG2600, direct mount on Allison transmission
    - Max. towing capacity >200 tons

  • Snow Blower


    - 225kW (306PS)
    - Allison Series 3000

  • Platform Trailer

    Demo Image

    - 310kW (422PS)
    - Allison Series 4500
    - Max. towing capacity >125 tons

  • Mud Pump Drive for Oil Field

    Demo Image

    - Fine adjustments on site with the customer
    - 300kW (408PS)
    - Allison Series 4700 OFS for stationary applications

  • Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicle 6x6


    - Total weight 39 tons
    - 480kW (650PS)
    - Allison Series 4800 with retarder
    - Power Divider between engine and Allison gear box to drive the fire pump and pump & roll functions

  • Dual Cabin Bus with Reversing Gear Unit

    Demo Image

    - 146kW (200PS)
    - Allison Series 2100
    - DGS reversing gear unit WG600, direct mount on Allison transmission
    - Driving forward and backward at same speed

    Download: Allison press release

  • Slag Hauler
  • Snow Blower
  • Platform Trailer
  • Mud Pump Drive
  • Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicle
  • Dual Cabin Bus
  • Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicle


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  • Atego-MSTS-005

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Mobile Applications

- Coaches and city buses
- Trucks and utility vehicles
- Haulers and dump trucks
- Airport vehicles
- Fire and rescue vehicles
- Disposal vehicles
- Mobile cranes

Stationary Applications

- Pump and drilling rigs
- On oil fields
- For geothermal drilling

Advantages and Strength of Allison

The Torque Converter:

- Standing start under full load
- Increased input torque
- Very good acceleration
- Shifting without interruption of traction
- High tractive power
- Exact and careful manoeuvring
- Time savings in city traffic
- Highest shift comfort
- Very good off highway mobility
- No coupling wear

Other Advantages and Strength of Allison:

- Easy operation
- Driving without training
- More safety
- Reliability and durability
- Low operating expenses
- High torques possible
- Shifting synchronized to application

Where the Allison fully automatic system is advantageous:

- Frequent driver changes
- Stop and go driving
- Transportation of passengers
- Emergency driving
- Rush hour city driving
- Manoeuvring of heavy loaded vehicles
- Driving and shifting in rough terrain


DGS Transfer Case – VG 2600

The transfer case specially developed by DGS is ideally suitable for direct mount on the Allison series 4000, but it can also be used behind any other transmission in its remote mounted version. This two-stage transfer case is easily integrable in the driveline, brings the necessary off set and can supply high power and high torque at the same time. The VG 2600 is used in:

- Cranes
- All wheel driven vehicles
- Rail-Road vehicles
- Special vehicles
- Stationary drives (hydraulic pumps, oil drilling installations)

The DGS VG 2600 in connection with an Allison Transmission of the series 4000 can be used as replacement drive for:
HT 750 DB,HT 755 DB
CL(B)T 754 DB, CL(B)T 755 DB
CL(B)T 5800 DB, CL(B)T 5900 DB
(Models with integrated drop boxes)

Download: Technical Facts



Reversing Gear Box – WG 600

The reversing gear box offers the possibility to drive forward and backward at same speed. To have the drive train as short as possible, it has been developed for direct mount on the Allison series 1000 and 2000. Applications for this transmission are:

- Tunnel fire trucks
- Airport shuttle buses
- All kind of special vehicles

Download: Technical Facts

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Allison – The worldwide No. 1 of Automatic Transmissions

As the leading manufacturer of automatic transmissions our partner Allison Transmission is producing on- and off-highway transmissions for busses, utility vehicles and stationary applications. With Allison you profit from more than 50 years of experience and from world-class, high-quality products; in vehicles on the street as well as in vehicles for rough terrain areas.

Allison transmissions are known for extraordinary reliability and durability. Reduction of operation costs is possible with the highest drive- and shift comfort.

Off-highway transmissions are successfully used in the oil industry for drilling or cementing and fractioning as well as in dump trucks and mobile cranes. More over the torque converter offers a variety of possibities for your use.

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Allison Transmission and DGS Service- und Getriebe GmbH

Since more than 25 years DGS has been an experienced and reliable partner of Allison Transmission – not only in Germany. DGS is at your side with information and practice, flexible and fast.

Detailed technical advice before installation is as important to us as the support of your production. We are with you for application- and cost analyses and optimization, calculation of driving performance, development of prototypes, final inspection and training on Allison products.

DGS is your partner also after the implementation with outstanding repair and service, within or beyond warranty, at your location, at your customers or in our workshop.

As a system supplier DGS designs and assembles complete drive units – mobile and stationary. These may consist of engine, transmission, auxiliary drive, radiator and of course of the Transfer Case VG 2600; ready to fit directly at your location.

Other services of DGS:
- Batch deliveries and packaging (Supply Chain)
- Exchange programs for transmissions

Do you have questions or wishes? Feel free to contact us!