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Allison Transmission, DGS Transfer Case, John Deere and Gas Engines - With us, it´s all about your driveline!

As distributor of reputable US manufacturers of power train components for commercial vehicles and industrial applications we consider ourselves as a link between manufacturer, OEM and end user.

Automatic Transmission


As leading manufacturer of automatic transmissions our partner Allison Transmission is producing on- and off-highway transmissions for busses, utility vehicles and stationary applications.
More about Allison Transmissions

DGS Transfer Case


The transfer case specially developed by DGS is ideally suitable for direct mount on the Allison series 4000. The reversing gear box offers the possibility to drive forward and backward at same speed and has been developed for direct mount on the Allison Series 1000 and 2000.
More about DGS Transfer Case

John Deere Diesel engines

John Deere

Lots of power. All John Deere PowerTech engines have a high torque increase and lots of power being at the same time very cost efficient.
More about John Deere Diesel engines


Doosan engines

John Deere

Doosan Infrascore independently has developed low-emissions diesel engines for industrial equipment to meet the most stringent environmental demands which are required in highly regulated markets such as North America and European regions. More about Doosan Infrascore

Gas engines


Clean and powerful
We offer a complete range of gas engines up to 10.3 liter displacement based on US automotive and industrial engines.
More about Gas engines